Air Graffiti Wall

We bring the canvas…you bring the art! Guests are photographed in front of our green screen, which is reflected onto our 10 x 7 wall. Use our digital spray cans to add drawings, messages, and digital stamps to your photo, and choose from our library of custom backdrops. Print out your masterpiece instantly!


  • Digital spray can technology
  • Instant print-outs (4×6)
  • Custom backdrop & branding printed on each photo (brick wall, lake, floral, etc.)
  • Photo Booth effects: black and white, sepia tone, over-exposed, & sketch book
  • Digital stamps, stencils, & freehand writing
  • Unlimited photo sessions
  • Accommodates larger groups per photo
  • Prop Box

Why we love it: Guests are invited to use the Air Graffiti Wall as a message or inspiration board, or simply as a canvas to show off their artistic skills.

Space Required: 15ft x 10ft

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