Flip Book

7 seconds of your life in a book! Have your picture taken 60 times in 7 seconds. The outcome is an entertaining ‘flip book’ that creates the illusion of a short film. Guests stand in front of  a backdrop, and can choose from a variety of props and signs to make for a fun photo shoot.


  • Includes simple backdrop
  • Customized backdrops (at an additional cost)
  • Take home Flip Book for each participant
  • Custom branding printed on each flip book
  • Prop Box
  • Cost includes unlimited photo sessions (accommodates 150 flips book for a 4-hour event)

Why we love it: Flip Books are unique and undeniably fun. Create a conversation piece out of your flip books at home, and display them on coffee tables, consoles, and more!

Space Required: 12ft x 12ft

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